2019: A Year of Accomplishment

Well, it was a busy 2019 for The Friends. We had several successful book sales, recruited new members, added and trained new volunteers, and recruited a few board members. Not to mention, raised funds for the city libraries and FOTL programs (Best Beginnings and Buddies).

All we can say to that is – “Whew.. that was like a whirlwind for all involved.” But, we couldn’t have done it at all, or even continued to exist if we didn’t have the Friends Volunteers, who are the heartbeat of the organization, as well as the eyes, ears, and mouth.

We could not raise funds if we didn’t have successful book sales, a Library Store, and other programs, all volunteer driven. Meaning, what goes on behind the scenes is something like this: unpacking boxes and boxes of donations on to carts that are then scanned on to more carts. Then are shelved in the appropriate place that has been painstakingly plotted out in
a room dedicated for donations. Next, Volunteers prepare for a sale and put on their many hats and transfer their skills to become cashiers, book counters, or cart drivers. Some books are sold as “special” on Amazon, then packed and mailed out. Other programs that Volunteers breathe life into to raise recognition and funds for the Friends are outreach events such as:
Farmers Market, Buddies, Best Beginnings, and others.

So, without too much more fanfare about how essential and how wonderful the Friends Volunteers are; I would like to invite you to read about the Volunteers Spotlighted in this issue of Check It Out.

I want to encourage you to say thank you when you run into a Volunteer. And, appreciate yourself, since many of you reading this are Volunteers. Ask each other about The Friends. Exchange ideas, let others know how many years you have been a Friends Volunteer. Share your favorite time as a Volunteer.

Thank you to all of you, Volunteers, who breathe life into the Friends organization – you indeed are what makes
the Friends exist.

With Gratitude, Luana Chilelli
Board Member